Chloé Robi | Sustainable Gastronomy

Our Brand

Premium food products, powered by plants. Radically minimal ingredients.

R&D Lab and Kitchen

Chloé Robi Lab makes innovative foods with chef-driven flavours, using minimal and radically pure ingredients. Founded by Chloé Robillard, who after staging dining events internationally, decided to distill popular menu items into food products.

Rigorous Sourcing

By sourcing many ingredients with small ecological footprints, we celebrate small producers locally and internationally.

Intelligent Flavour

Our flavor design skill and know-how is intelligently crafted to build layers of flavours throughout each item, a true gustative trip focused on plant-based foods

Culinary Technique

Applying our proprietary know-how on many elements of each menu, we transforming raw, unadulterated plants into inventive culinary creations.

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